Our Services for Survivors

If you are in need of immediate services and/or emergency shelter, please call our hotline at 540-886-6800. This form is not suitable for those seeking emergency services as there will be a delay in response time. If you are interested in receiving other services, please complete the online intake form and the staff person best suited to your needs will be in contact with you during business hours.

24/7 Crisis Hotline

Call our confidential hotline to speak with trained staff that can provide you with compassionate support, safety planning, and referrals for community resources and services.

Emotional Support Services

We provide support to clients as a means of giving them the tools they need to cope with and to heal from issues stemming from the trauma of sexual and domestic violence.

Court Advocacy

We help survivors navigate the legal system by providing them with court accompaniment, information on their rights, assistance with protective orders, and more.

Emergency Housing
Hospital Accompaniment
Support Groups

Our safe, confidential home offers temporary emergency shelter for survivors. We also have a food pantry, hygiene products, and a clothing closet for survivors in need.

We provide hospital accompaniment for survivors considering a forensic exam. Our advocates are available to stay throughout the entire exam process to provide you with information and emotional support.

We offer support groups to encourage solidarity and healing amongst survivors in the community.

Emotional Support Services for Youth

We provide youth an safe space to work through their trauma and find healthy ways to cope with it. We focus on youth empowerment, boundaries, and personal autonomy.

Emotional Support Services for Families

We provide a safe space to work through family trauma and experiences. There is a strong focus on family relationships and repairing them.